Course overview

So you're considering training as an instructor via distance learning? Check out our FAQ's below which will hopefully help you choose To Baby and Beyond as the right training academy for you.

What certification do I get?
On completion of meeting all the required standards for your course you will receive a certificate stating your new qualification. This will be emailed to you. We do offer an option for you to purchase a hard copy of this certificate if you wish. This certificate does not state that you completed your course by distance learning.

Is the course accredited?
All our courses qualify you to teach parents with their babies/ children (course dependant) in a group and 1:1 setting and are accredited/recognised by the follow:

Infant Massage and Baby Yoga:
FEDANT - Federation of Antenatal Educators
CPD - CPD Standards Office
Westminster Indemnity

Toddler Yoga:
CTHA - Complementary Therapists Association
CPD - CPD Standards Office
Westminster Indemnity

What qualifications would I obtain and what do I need to start?
Diploma in teaching Infant Massage, Certificate in Teaching Baby Yoga or Certificate in Teaching Toddler and Pre-School Yoga. These allow you to teach parents and their babies or toddlers in group and 1:1 settings. You do need any previous qualifications to start the baby massage course and this qualifies you to start the baby yoga. If you do not have a background qualification of anatomy physiology you will need to read either of the following text books during your training.

F Gould: Anatomy and Physiology for Therapists
Ms Jeanine Connor, Kathy Morgan, and Ms Venetia Harwood-Pearce: Anatomy and Physiology for Therapists

How do I log in?
Once enrolled you will be send a login to set you own password on our online training academy. This is usually sent to you within 24 hours (Monday - Friday) so you can pretty much start straight away. You will be able to learn form your computer, laptop, tablet or even your phone. Please note at times word is required to be able to use some of the templates.

Is it all computer marked or do I have a tutor?
You will be assigned a specialist distance learning tutor who will support you through your course. All of our tutors have also trained many years ago with To Baby and Beyond, have teaching and assessing qualifications and also run their own successful businesses.

is the content the same as on the face to face day?
The content is exactly the same as on the face to face day, it's just delivered in a different format.

How many modules are there?
For all of our courses your will be required to complete our 3 "Core instructor modules". These cover infant and child development, teaching groups and assessing health considerations and marketing and setting up your classes. You will then have the specialist modules of the discipline you are training in.

Infant massage has 5 specialist modules.
Baby yoga has 5 specialist modules
Toddler yoga has 6 specialist modules.

Are videos included?
Yes with all of the courses there are videos of all the strokes and movements and also information videos which you can watch and practice with in your own time.

Do the videos show whole classes?
The videos show one of our founder Julie Cleasby demonstrating the stokes and moves with either a parent and baby in their home or a training doll. Each section can be clicked on and reviewed as you wish. You will have life time access to the videos via our private students Youtube channel.

Are lesson plans included?
Yes there are always sample lesson plans included in all of our courses. We also give you the opportunity to create your own lesson plans and have these assessed with feedback from your tutor.

How will I will assessed?
We use a variety of assessment methods use throughout the course. After each module there is an assessment. Some are multiple choice questions, some open ended questions and sometimes you will required to submit a short video (this can be filmed on your tablet or phone). We also include with each course a one to one virtual session with your course tutor - this can be done over Skype or FaceTime. This is great way to ask any questions you may have or for use to assess the skills you have learnt. This is always around half way through the course. You will also be required to complete case studies at the end of the course with real parents and babies/ children. Please see below for information on this.

How long does each module take?
Each modules takes 2-3 hours approximately. But it really depends how quickly you work and how much time you have.

Do I get a manual?
As this is a distance learning course all of the course is online however if you prefer to work from hardcopies you can purchase a course manual, these are priced at £20 each inc P&P. Please note, we cannot post outside of the UK.

What case studies do I need to complete?
Once you have completed the theoretical modules, you would need to plan and carry out your case studies. Each course requires you to complete either 1 or 3 one to one sessions (course dependant) and 4 groups sessions with at least 4 parents and babies/ children. We advise how to set up these groups one the course.

Can I book Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Toddler Yoga instructor courses together?
You can chose to add the toddler yoga instructor course to your combined booking of baby massage and baby yoga. We are currently offering this course for free when you book the other 2 courses.

What is Fast Track?
If you chose the Fast Track option, you will have access to all the modules. Fast track students are required to complete ALL theoretical modules for each course within 3 weeks following this you can then start your case studies. This means 3 weeks to complete the infant massage section and then on completion of this 3 weeks to complete the baby yoga section. We agree to mark all modules submitted within 2 working days in the Fast Track system. This means you could complete the whole course much more quickly.

Additional costs apply when selecting the fast track option:
To fast track 2 courses there is an additional charge of £75 and to fast track 3 courses there is an additional charge of £100.
Please note, fast track is not available with the payment plan option.

Do I need to purchase a doll?
Yes for baby massage and baby yoga you will need to purchase a weighted doll for when you are a practising instructor. You do not need a doll for the toddler yoga. We do not sell the dolls and we do not recommend any particular companies.

For the training only, you can use any 22inch (around the size of a 3 month old baby) soft bodied doll.

Is there any additional support
Your assigned tutor is on hand via email to offer support with any questions you may have throughout the course.

We also have a very supportive Facebook groups with almost 700 instructors who have trained or are training with us - this is a great way to join our community of baby massage and baby yoga instructors.

We also offer free optional bi monthly webinars on various topics with Julie Cleasby, founder of To Baby and Beyond or one of the training team.

I do hope that helps in your decision to train with us. Please do let us know if you have any further questions or would like to book.

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