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Train as an infant massage for twins instructor. Our infant massage for twins instructor certificate offers you the skills and background to be able to confidently teach twin parents to massage both babies at the same time with the To Baby and Beyond routine.

This is available for qualified To Baby and Beyond infant massage instructors or students only at this time.

What’s the aim of the certificate in infant massage for twins instructor course?

The infant massage for twins instructor training course is designed to provide qualified infant massage instructors with the knowledge and teaching ability to effectively deliver infant / baby massage sessions and courses to twin parents and their babies within a variety of individual and group settings. This will also include being able to deliver online sessions to parents and babies. This is a great additional skill to add to your repertoire and give twin and multiple parents confidence that you have completed additional training in supporting them.

Our aim at To Baby and Beyond is to enable instructors to be able to empower twin parents to massage both babies at the same time - invaluable!

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What age of babies is infant massage for twins suitable for?

Infant massage can be used from birth and on into the Early Years. We find that most parents attend classes with their babies from around 4/5 weeks up until the babies are wriggling/ crawling away (around 7-10 months). Although the techniques can be used with older babies and toddlers the above is usually typical of an infant massage class or session. This is the same for singleton babies and twins.

Who can go on the infant massage for twins instructor course?

You’ll need to be a qualified infant massage instructor with To Baby and Beyond.

What can I expect to learn?
  • All about twins
  • Twin development
  • Challenges that twin parents may face and how infant massage may help to overcome some of these
  • Infant massage strokes and movements all adapted to massaging both babies at the same time
  • Infant massage with a twin family
  • Top tips for working with twin families
  • Marketing to twin parents
How is it taught?

This is a distance learning online course so you will have access via our easily accessible online learning academy. You have access to all the modules and can really work at your own pace. Even though this is an add-on course you will still be assessed in your skills so you can feel confident and supported that you are meeting the required standards in infant massage for twins. The course is delivered by Julie Cleasby, Founder of To Baby and Beyond and twin mum.

Do I need to complete case studies with real parents and babies?

No, as you are already a qualified infant massage instructor you do not need to complete case studies. The course is assessed by A and Q assignments and a short video submission assignment.

How long will the course take me?

This is classed as an additional qualification and will take around 4-5 hours to complete.

I am already an infant massage instructor do I need this additional qualification to be able to teach twin parents?

You can of course teach twin parents as an infant massage instructor. However we find that, at To Baby and Beyond, we are asked for additional training for teaching massaging multiples. Our aim is to enable you to confidently and competently empower parents to massage both their babies at the same time.

What will I receive at the end of the course?

You’ll receive an infant massage for twins instructor certificate and an Infant Massage for Twins Instructor logo.


Please note this is not a 'hands on' massage qualification; it will qualify you to teach parents to massage their babies. You will not be qualified to massage babies yourself.

Do I need any equipment?

You’ll need two dolls (preferably soft bodied), towel, small blanket and a cushion. Please note you may not need two infant massage instructor dolls to complete the course as you may choose to use a child's doll as your second 'baby'.


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I’m currently working my way through the twin instructor course and wanted to thank you for it! I just wanted to say It’s so interesting and as a Mum of triplets myself it’s so refreshing to hear everything you’re saying. It’s good to hear how normal many of the struggles are, it makes me realise I’m maybe not a failing Mum! So thank you for the clear honest information, it’s so important people are aware of it! - Rachael, infant massage instructor and mum of triplets