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Published: Monday 18 February 2019

Baby sleep workshop in Sussex

We're pleased to be launching our first baby sleep workshop in Angmering in West Sussex on Thursday 7th March 2019. This workshop is aimed at parents (or parents-to-be) of 6-12…

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Published: Thursday 14 February 2019

Oxytocin: the 'love hormone'

To celebrate St Valentine’s Day we thought we’d take a look at oxytocin - often dubbed the ‘drug of love’ or ‘hormone of cuddles’ - and how it relates to both infant massage and baby yoga. …

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Published: Tuesday 12 February 2019

Baby sleep tip #4: put your baby down awake, to go to sleep

Our top sleep tip number 4 is to put your baby down to go to sleep when they're still awake. This will help your baby learn to get to sleep on his or her own, if this is what you…

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Published: Wednesday 30 January 2019

We're in Brighton with our infant massage and baby yoga instructor courses

Join us for our Diploma in Teaching Infant Massage and Certificate in Teaching Baby Yoga which we're running in the vibrant city of Brighton and Hove in Sussex. You can study each…

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Published: Friday 18 January 2019

Croup: how to recognise it and what to do

Croup is a condition that affects babies' and young children's airways which is usually mild. It affects the voicebox, windpipe and airways. Around 3% of children get croup,…

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Published: Wednesday 16 January 2019

What's the best thing about being a baby massage instructor?

Thinking about learning to teach baby massage? Why not hear from those that were once in your position: we asked some of our past students why they love teaching baby massage... …

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Published: Monday 10 December 2018

Keeping children safe at Christmas

Christmas is a happy time usually spent with family and friends. Whether you stay at home, visit others or are at work caring for children, we all make significant changes to our…

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Published: Thursday 15 November 2018

Baby sleep tip: is it day or night?

"Is it day or night? My baby's got them all mixed up!" Sound familiar? Help your baby work out the difference between night and day: babies do not differentiate between…

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Published: Thursday 01 November 2018

2019 London Paediatric First Aid course dates announced!

We're delighted to announce the first 2019 dates for our Paediatric First Aid course in London Victoria. Our Paediatric First Aid course is suitable for all childcare…

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Published: Tuesday 13 November 2018

2019 London dates announced for our baby massage, baby yoga & toddler yoga instructor courses

We've announced 2019 dates for our ever-popular Diploma in Teaching Infant Massage, Certificate in Teaching Baby Yoga and Certificate in Teaching Toddler Yoga in London. We've…

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Published: Sunday 04 November 2018

5 tips for relaxing babies and young children

Whether you work with children or you're a parent or carer, there's always times when little ones find themselves in a pickle. In these stressful times, try one or all of these…

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Published: Thursday 01 November 2018

Meningitis: what to look for and what to do

We hear a lot about meningitis in the news and the devastating effects it can have, and it pays to be aware of the signs and symptoms. Meningitis is an infection of the protective…

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