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Published: Sunday 15 May 2022

Baby and toddler yoga breathing techniques: snake breath

Snake breath is a highly calming breathing technique, principally for use in teaching toddler yoga, which is also incorporated in our Calmer Stories course. It helps children to…

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Published: Friday 13 May 2022

Why teach baby massage?

Learning to teach infant massage opens up a whole new world of opportunities for you both personally and professionally. You’ll be bringing the fantastic benefits of baby massage t…

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Published: Monday 09 May 2022

Meet Maria, a Calmer Stories Instructor course student, with a background in Early Years

Maria Green was an early student of our Calmer Stories Instructor course launched in 2021, which is available as an online distance learning option. Although many of those who…

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Published: Thursday 05 May 2022

Benefits of music and movement for babies and toddlers

There are lots of benefits to everyone involved in Music and Movement sessions, whether you're the instructor, the parents or the children taking part. In this blog post we're…

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Published: Monday 04 April 2022

The importance of breath work in baby and toddler yoga

Understanding many of the principles of yoga that adults practice is important in baby and toddler yoga, including breathing. We look at this as part of our baby yoga instructor…

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Published: Friday 01 April 2022

New Music & Movement Instructor course!

We are very excited to have launched a new online course, and we know you will love it too! Our Music and Movement Instructor course offers huge opportunities to anyone looking to …

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Published: Monday 21 March 2022

Changing clocks: top tips for keeping baby's sleep settled

With the clocks about to change on on Sunday 27th March 2022, we thought it a wise time to offer some advice on how to keep baby's sleeping settled, both for their benefit and…

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Published: Thursday 17 March 2022

Preparing for your baby reflexology class

Whether you're a parent who's been to a baby reflexology class and wants to follow up at home, or a baby reflexology instructor, these are some top tips for preparing for your…

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Published: Monday 14 March 2022

At what age should baby stop baby massage or baby yoga sessions?

This question was asked at one of our live Q&A session for To Baby and Beyond students past and present. Other questions that were asked are listed below. The general…

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Published: Monday 07 March 2022

Why baby massage is just as important for dads

Encouraging dads to participate in regular baby massage with their child, is a lovely way in which father and child can feel closer. Like any aspect of parenting, if dad is more…

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Published: Thursday 03 March 2022

What are reflexes and why are they important to teaching baby yoga?

Understanding reflexes is an important element of learning to teach baby yoga. Here we take a brief look at what a reflex is, and some of the main reflexes to be aware of. We…

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Published: Tuesday 01 March 2022

Meet another Calmer Stories Instructor: Melissa, a pre-school and perinatal professional

Melissa was one of the first people to complete our Calmer Stories Instructor course in 2021. Like Maria, who we met in an earlier post, Melissa comes from a different background…

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