Published: Wednesday 20 November 2019

Music is pleasurable in any setting and a great addition to a baby yoga class. If you're a baby yoga instructor, or thinking about becoming one, it's worth considering how you use music in your sessions. Using songs and rhymes in baby yoga has a number of benefits:

  • It aids interaction between parent and baby
  • Songs and rhymes engage different parts of the brain with singing and movement
  • It encourages fun times in the sessions
  • It creates repetitiveness of sounds and movement of mouth which is good for language and speech development
  • It teaches parents nursery rhymes and positive ways of interacting with baby
  • It makes the movement fun and more interesting for babies
  • It can re-engage babies who may have disengaged from the class
  • Songs and rhymes teach language for actions, for example, 'touching your nose' encourages the learning of the body part
  • Parents and children can continue to enjoy the songs from when they're a baby, to being a toddler and beyond
  • It brings out the inner child in parents
  • It increases relaxation

With all these benefits, you probably don't need a great deal of encourage in using songs, rhymes and music in your baby yoga sessions.

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