Published: Monday 24 January 2022

If you're thinking about teaching baby reflexology to families, you might be wondering what sort of equipment you need to run classes. The good news is that the kit you need is relatively easy and affordable to come by. Here's an idea of the equipment you will need when running your baby or toddler reflexology classes:

  • lnfant massage teaching doll / foot - this is likely to be your biggest outlay but, if you're already an infant massage teacher, you might have one already.
  • Cushions - you might like to ask parents and carers to bring their own but also keep a few spare just in case.
  • Baby massage mats - many instructors use yoga mats - often cut down - which are readily available from sports shops, etc.
  • Spare doll
  • Baby wipes
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Treasure basket - chances are you've something around the house that fulfills this need! It doesn't have to specifically be a basket, of course.
  • Name place cards
  • Music – ideally that plays for more than one hour so you don't have to fiddle with it half way through your session!
  • Spare towels
  • Oil in small bottles
  • Water, jug and glasses/cups/ biscuits
  • Access to heated water for bottle warming - you might take some of your own or make sure this is a consideration when choosing your venue
  • Tissues
  • Nappy bags - these last two are useful whatever activity you're doing involving babies, let's face it!

If teaching baby or toddler reflexology is a new venture for you, the outlay for the equipment should be relatively low for starting a new business. Bear in mind you can start with the minimum and add to your resources as you go along, especially as you learn what will work for you and your baby reflexology sessions.

We often discuss equipment in our exclusive Facebook group for instructors and students. You're welcome to join once you start your course with us, and it's a hive of positivity and support.

If you'd like to learn to teach baby reflexology with us, take a look at the course details here. We also offer instructor courses for baby massage, baby yoga and toddler yoga - all available as online distance learning courses. Our courses offer an affordable and practical way to start a new career or add to your existing offering.

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