Published: Saturday 04 June 2022

We're often asked about the age range for babies to come along to baby massage sessions. There's not an absolutely definitive answer as, of course, all babies are different.

Generally, infant massage is suitable from birth but most parents start to attend classes when baby is around 4-6 weeks old. Before this, although babies love nurturing touch, being in a class can seem overwhelming for babies. Having said that we sometimes have babies as young as 2-3 weeks in sessions. It's also important to bear in mind that very new parents may find being committed to a weekly set event too much.

Most babies tend to end their baby massage classes just before crawling starts, at the point they can start moving around a little. Again this varies between babies but it generally happens around 7 months. Older babies, of course, can also be massaged but they tend to prefer classes where they are able to move more, such as baby yoga.

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