Published: Friday 04 November 2022

Most of the time baby massage sessions for most instructors will be enjoyable and fun, especially if they’re well-trained and have the skills to teach efficiently and knowledgeably. If something doesn’t work out right, it’s likely you’ve fallen prey to one of these 14 mistakes. Don’t worry: all are easy to rectify and there’s no better lesson than learning from your mistakes!

So why might your baby massage class not go according to plan? Avoid these pitfalls and you'll always have inspiring, welcoming and useful infant massage classes.

  • The goals of the class are unclear
  • How the process during the session will be is unclear
  • There’s a lack of preparation by either the parents/carers or instructor
  • The sesson is not baby-led; it is key to follow the babies' lead and encourage parents to do the same
  • The instructor turns what should be a fun learning experience into a lecture
  • The parents or carers do not really want to participate
  • Any conversation is dominated by one or two parents or carers
  • The instructor ignores emotions expressed by parents or carers
  • Any discussion that takes places is too unfocused
  • Too many questions are being asked at once
  • The instructor or parents/carers ignore other parents’/carers’ responses
  • The instructor is too critical of contributions
  • The questions asked are too difficult or asked too soon
  • The instructor asks a questions and then carries on to answer it as well, without interaction with the group

So these are some of the reasons why your baby massage session might not run as smoothly as you would like although, pleasingly, all are easily avoidable.

Interested in learning to teach baby massage? We run twice-yearly face-to-face courses throughout the UK and we also offer an online distance learning option. To find out more, either have a browse of the website or give us a call on 01273 702 496

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