Published: Wednesday 06 July 2022

For those of you thinking about choosing a course aimed at teaching toddlers or preschool children (such as Music and Movement, toddler yoga, Calmer Stories or perhaps baby and toddler reflexology instructor), understanding how babies develop into toddlers during their first years is fundamental; learning to smile, sit, stand, walk, babble, talk, run, jump and climb will all take place in these fascinating few years.

Many children will also learn self-care tasks, from holding a cup to getting themselves dressed. All this takes time, effort, energy and lots of encouragement.

As an instructor, what a privileged position to be in! You have the opportunity to observe and witness some of these developmental leaps as well as offering yoga and sensory inspired activities to support it.

Remember this is a developmental journey and all children have their own stages and timescales. Here we discuss the 'on average' developmental journal but please be mindful there is a broad spectrum of scope within this.

Social Development
This means being able to make friends and get along with others, starting to work as part of a team and being a good leader. These skills are all built on self-confidence, co-operation and trust and take many years to develop.

Emotional Development
This is the development of a full range of emotions from sad to happy to angry and learning how to deal with them appropriately. This helps build self-esteem and leads to deeper qualities such as sympathy, resiliency, assertiveness, empathy and the ability to rise to life’s challenges.

Gross Motor Development
This allows a child to gain balance and brings large muscles under control in order to master physical activities such as sitting, crawling, walking, running, climbing, jumping and generally enjoying all that the body allows you to do.

Fine Motor Development
This is mastering precise and accurate small muscle movements of the fingers and hands to be able to reach, grasp and manipulate small objects.

Language Development
This is the ability to understand and express verbal and non-verbal communication. Following this will be the capacity to use words and sentences in correct grammatical structures in order to communicate wishes, ideas, information and needs.

Intellectual Development
This is being able to think creatively and abstractly, to pay attention, solve problems and develop keen judgement along with a lifelong readiness to learn.

It's always astounding when you look at what babies and toddlers achieve in their first few years of life! Each child has their own schedule and it's our role as parents, carers and teachers to encourage them at that own pace, and ensure as much fun and pleasure is involved as possible!

If you're considering learning to teach Music and Movement, toddler yoga, Calmer Stories or baby and toddler reflexology, take a look at the specific pages for each of these, or head to the learning portal where all of our courses are listed (and can be started).

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