Published: Saturday 28 March 2020

Hopefully your children are out and about most times of the year but especially now that we're both at home a lot and the slightly warmer weather is here. Playing in the garden is great fun so keep it that way with a few little pointers for safety:

  • Garden ponds (or even swimming pools, if you’re lucky enough!) should have a fence around it. Ponds can be fitted with a rigid grille which means you can keep the pond as a pond. However, you may think that it’s easier all round to fill the pond in.
    • Don’t forget that it is possible for small children to drown in just a few centimetres of water so never leave a paddling pool unattended if it has even a small bit of water in it.
    • Been pruning your roses, or perhaps mowing the lawn? Be sure to keep all gardening tools safely out of reach and preferably locked away.
    • Most of us enjoy a barbeque at least once over the summer, but they can present hazards not to only to children but adults as well. You can check out our advice on safer barbeques here.
  • Trampolines can pose a hazard to smaller children and it’s probably best they don’t use one until they’re at least six years old. This is mainly due to their lack of control which might mean they aren’t able to control their bouncing!
  • If you do have a trampoline in the garden, make sure if has a net to prevent falls.
  • It’s also a good idea for smaller children to use the trampoline by themselves rather than with other children or, even more so, adults. More than one person at a time means more limbs flying about plus extra bodies that could squash smaller ones.
  • Since you’ve locked your garden tools away, make sure you’ve put all garden chemicals such as weed killers, plant food or varnishes away too.
  • If you’re adding new plants to your garden, take care to read the labels as there are a number that can be toxic if ingested. If you’ve already got plants that you’re not sure about - perhaps those with attractive berries - ask a local garden centre for advice or check out the RHS site.

Want to know what to do in an emergency? Join us on one of our Baby and Child First Aid courses, whether at one of our open courses or in the comfort of your own home; we offer an online distance distance learning option so you can learn from home.

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