Published: Thursday 03 December 2020

At this time of year babies and little people are often ill with coughs and colds. Add to that the possibility of teething and it can really disrupt their sleep and self-settling patterns. It can also lead quickly to sleep habits you may not want to get into such as sleeping in your bed, re-introducing night feeds, rocking to sleep or early waking playing. This can be a really challenging time as one cold often seems to roll into the next.

Here's a few tips to help minimise any sleep disruption through illness or teething:

  • With coughs and cold tilt the head end of the cot or bed up.
  • Use plug-ins and appropriate decongestant to help to clear blocked noses.
  • Try and keep them in their sleeping room (you are better sleeping in there with them if you are worried).
  • Prepare yourself at bedtime; put in their room any medications, tissues, water etc... so you are not taking the baby or child downstairs or into other rooms in the middle of the night.
  • Have a dim nightlight on hand to reduce waking if you need to check on them or manage them in their room.
  • Try to avoid them falling asleep on you. If they start to look drowsy, and are well enough, put them back in their cot or bed and shush or pat them to sleep.
  • If they no longer have or need night feeds but you are worried they are thirsty, offer water over night and not milk.
  • Look after yourself; try and nap in the day if they are sleeping and take help from friends or family.
  • If you are concerned about the health of your baby or child, seek medical advice.

If you need any support with any of this or any sleep issues please do get in touch. We offer a range of support programmes to meet all needs, situations and budgets.

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