Published: Sunday 26 June 2022

We cover all you need to know to teach baby yoga classes on our instructor courses, but it's always good to revisit and refresh ourselves on good practice. Here we look at points to consider before you start teaching a baby yoga class:

Ensure that the baby is well. Ask parents/carers before the session starts if this is the case.

Ensure that the parent does not have any injuries which may prevent them undertaking the gentle stretches. If in doubt ask them to get medical advice before continuing.

Ensure that the baby and mum have had their 6-8 week check.

Ensure the mum is not in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. It's important that mothers who weren't active before they were pregnant don’t suddenly take up strenuous exercise. So if you've any concerns advise mothers-to-be to seek medical advice about starting a baby yoga class. See the current NHS guidelines for up-to-date information.

Check the baby has not had immunisations the previous day. A baby should not take part in yoga until at least 24 hours after immunisations. If baby seems well at this point, it is safe to go ahead, but avoid the injection site for the first week.

Consider how you will feedback to the parents that their baby has taken part in yoga and how they responded.

Choose a room that is warm and draft-free where you can sit on the floor with the baby in front of you on a padded pillow or blanket.

Put on some music. It doesn’t matter what music you chose as long as you and your baby find it relaxing. The baby will learn to associate the music with yoga time. We like this CD by Ami Tomake.

Take a few deep breaths to relax before you begin. Stretch and shake the tension from your body.

Make sure your hands are clean and warm and remove jewellery.

Start with a calming breathing exercise to settle both you, the parents/carers and the babies.

Begin movement with gentle stretching and wriggling exercises.

Practice yoga with the baby for about 15 – 20 minutes. Think of the yoga as a gentle, warm, movement communication. Go slowly at the beginning so baby can get used to the new postures gradually. Build up the yoga time gradually.

Follow familiar routines – babies enjoy patterns and predicting what happens next.

Include dads and siblings - yoga is fun for everyone!

Stop if the baby cries. You cannot force a baby. Try again when the baby is more receptive.

Once you've run your baby yoga classes for a few times, the preparation routine will be come second nature.

We cover how to prepare for teaching baby yoga classes, as well as all other aspects of how to teach baby yoga on our Certificate in Teaching Baby Yoga course. We currently run twice-yearly face-to-face courses as well as our online distance learning option, available all year round!

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