Published: Thursday 17 March 2022

Whether you're a parent who's been to a baby reflexology class and wants to follow up at home, or a baby reflexology instructor, these are some top tips for preparing for your class.

For those who have trained to teach infant massage much of your previous knowledge will apply here.

  • Choose a room that is warm and draft-free where you can sit on the floor with the baby in front of you on a padded pillow or blanket.
  • Put on some music. It doesn’t matter what music you choose as long as you and you baby find it relaxing. The baby will learn to associate the music with reflexology time.
  • Take a few deep breaths to relax before you begin. Stretch and shake the tension from your body.
  • Make sure your hands are clean and warm, remove jewellery and be sure to rub in a way that your nails don’t scratch the baby’s skin.
  • Get yourself in to a comfortable position and take care of you posture so as not to damage your back.
  • Use some cold-pressed, natural oil if parents wish from 6 weeks to prevent friction and to allow for deeper stroking. Keep your hands well-oiled throughout.
  • Begin with the ‘gliding the zones’ with gentle strokes. Babies are delicate, but too light a touch can be ticklish and aggravating. If the baby splays their fingers or toes, or avoids your gaze and looks away, they may be telling you that they feel stressed or that you are using too much pressure. If your baby clenches their fists in front of their chest, do not try to pull their arms apart. This is an indication that the baby is not ready to be touched there. Some infants are extremely sensitive and cannot deal with a lot of touching at first. Maintain eye contact and observe baby’s body language. Allow the session to be baby-led.
  • Think of the relexology as a gentle, warm communication. Go slowly at the beginning so your baby can get used to the new sensations gradually. Build up the reflexology time gradually.
  • Stop if the baby cries. You cannot force a baby to relax. Try again when the baby is more receptive. All sessions must be baby-led.

We hope these tips are useful whether you're a parent taking a baby to a reflexology class, or someone thinking about learning to teach baby reflexology.

If you're the latter, then check out our excellent Baby and Toddler Reflexology Instructor course. It's a learn-from-home online course, with fantastic support from our team. Take a look at the details of the course now.

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