Published: Tuesday 01 March 2022

Melissa was one of the first people to complete our Calmer Stories Instructor course in 2021. Like Maria, who we met in an earlier post, Melissa comes from a different background to many of our other students who often teach baby massage.

“I’m a Nursery Nurse so I’m used to running Preschools etc but I’ve never run my own classes. I work for a Perinatal Team so I’m hoping to use this to support my families with older children and then maybe progress to running my own groups outside of Perinatal.”

Melissa is looking forward to running Calmer Stories sessions and has been thinking about how she might run them: “Children like themes and they are more fun to plan. I planned one on a trip to the farm, incorporating nursery rhymes around animals. My plans are a similar length to the example ones in the Calmer Stories Instructor course, some a bit shorter because I’ll probably be aiming for 2-4 year olds. Sometimes preschool ages need short and sweet! 30/40 minutes is plenty of time for that age. Im now looking for ideas about the sensory activities I could add.”

“I’ve enjoyed doing the course and love being in the Facebook group. Everyone is so helpful and goes above and beyond to support us.”

We're glad Melissa enjoyed the course and look forward to hearing how her Calmer Stories sessions go! Since completing her Calmer Stories training Melissa has gone on to take our Baby Yoga Instructor training and is now looking forward to starting her first group soon!

If you'd like to become a Calmer Stories Instructor, you can learn with our online distance learning course. It's a fantastic course for children of all ages, and gives you the ability to share timely and useful skills that will help calm, ground and relax those in your class.
Take a look at all the details about the course here, and you can even start learning today!

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