Published: Sunday 09 April 2023

Sadly for us, as children get on the move they are unlikely to want to stay still for a long massage! If you're teaching a baby massage class over a series of weeks or months, it's quite likely that you'll experience babies going from being static and receptive to learning how to crawl or pull themselves along.

So how do you continue to share the wonderful benefits of massage with a wriggly and mobile baby?

  • Be more flexible with your approach and follow the child’s lead. For example, if they roll on to their tummy, take the opportunity to massage their back and vice versa.
  • Introduce more nursery rhymes.
  • Give shorter specific massages such as a hand massage and add in some singing.
  • Introduce more toys and movement games. A sensory box can be a great addition to massage sessions with older babies and toddlers.

You might also like to consider looking at our Calmer Stories Instructor course, which uses over clothes massage techniques alongside mantra, mindfulness , breathing and yoga.

If you're a parent who's been to a baby massage class, be reassured that as children get older it's quite likely that they'll return to a state where they are, once again, more open to being massaged so persevere and be patient!

Thinking about training to teach baby massage? Check out our course dates and more details about the options available to you, including online distance learning.

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