Published: Thursday 19 September 2019

With To Baby and Beyond courses taking place all over the UK, we need to have local instructors to lead our baby massage, baby yoga and toddler yoga instructor courses. With head office in Sussex, it stands to reason we need a team member based in Scotland!

And this is where Lynn comes in...

Name: Lynn Duncan

Live: Monikie, Angus Scotland

What do you teach? I teach baby yoga and baby massage.

How long have you been an instructor? I have been an instructor since July 2017.

What made you want to become an instructor? I became a baby massage and yoga instructor as I felt really passionate about the benefits it brings to both baby and parent. I wanted to support and empower parents to be the best they can be.

Have you always been an instructor? My background is nursing and I am also a registered health visitor. I trained with To Baby and Beyond in July 2017 to become a massage instructor and then went onto to my training in yoga in March 2018. I then became a trainer in September 2018.

What's your favourite part of your job? My favourite part of my job is definitely meeting new parents and watching them grow with their baby. I love seeing their confidence develop.

How do you keep your skills up to date? As a registered health visitor I have to maintain my CPD so I utilise organisations such RCN to support my development and skill enhancement. The monthly newsletter from To Baby and Beyond is also really helpful. I am also registered to receive e-mails and updates from UNICEF.

What qualities do you think are important in an instructor? Firstly I think you need to be really friendly and welcoming. For some parents coming to your class it could be their first time out of the house with their baby, so offering a welcoming atmosphere is really important for me. I also think you need to be really calm, this will help the parents to feel more relaxed in your classes. I have found you also need to be organised, running your own business can be difficult at times but ensuring you feel organised will help to reduce any stress. Keeping yourself up to date is also important, especially when discussing things with parents.

What benefits do you derive from being an instructor? There are so many benefits to chose from, but these are some that are really important to me:

-Colic and constipation relief
-Bonding and attachment
-Reduction in stress hormone
-Supports sleep

Have you learned anything surprising about baby massage/baby yoga? Although I don’t feel I have learnt anything surprising about baby yoga/massage, I am still amazed how well babies sleep afterwards

Any top tips? My top tip is practice at home, find time to include It into your daily routine

Have you ever had any funny situations in your classes? I ran a couples massage class once, the mums had done a block of massage but wanted the dads to try it out. The dads were amazing at massage but took it so seriously, even when we tried to introduce songs the dads just wanted to focus on the strokes. Me and the mums found it quite amusing. There was no chat at all.

Who would you most like to teach in your classes? I would most like to teach Samantha Faiers.

Thanks Lynn. For those of you attending our courses in Glasgow, look out for Lynn who may well be leading your baby massage or baby yoga instructor course!

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