Published: Wednesday 25 November 2020

This question was asked at our November live Q&A session for To Baby and Beyond students past and present. Other questions that were asked are listed below.

There are lots of easy ways to enliven an online (Zoom or other) baby massage, baby yoga or toddler yoga class) including:

  • Asking parents to have a muslin cloth or pillow case to hand ready for draping or using where you might normally use a scarf
  • Shakers or rattles can be used
  • See if parents have any balls at home that can be played with, rolled, etc
  • Families may also have instruments like tambourines or small drums that can be played (if the group is muted!)
  • Instructors can play music via their system
  • Have a disco light bulb on casting colourful shapes around the room
  • Start a home-made treasure basket challenge with parents, where they each have to add two things a week
  • Use an old umbrella with ribbons or pine cones hanging from it
  • Make sensory items like hair gel in a safely sealed bag - Pinterest has lots of ideas for sensory items
  • One tutor mailed space blankets to participants in advance of classes which is a cheap way to ensure everyone has the same equipment; you could even cut one blanket up to save money and postage costs
  • Ensure curtains are shut and lights are dimmed to create a more cosy atmosphere

We hope there’s some ideas here you can try with your baby massage classes!

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Other questions asked at our November Q&A session include:

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