Published: Wednesday 13 June 2018

One of the recurring pieces of advice that our previous students have highlighted in our Student Spotlight features, is being prepared for anything to happen in your classes. With this in mind, we’ve put together a handy check-list for all the kit you’ll need to teach a successful baby yoga class:

Baby yoga teaching doll - we recommend a semi weighted or weighted infant massage instructor doll.
Cushions - make sure you’ve got enough for all your participants as well as some spares.
Baby yoga mats - again, make sure you’ve plenty of these to go around. Don’t forget that some might get messy!
Spare doll - if a baby is asleep or both parents are attending then a spare doll is useful.
Adult yoga mats - these are great for both adults and babies.
Cleaning wipes and tissues - where there are babies, there’s a need for wipes!
Treasure basket - it's lovely to have a selection of interesting sensory items for babies to handle.
Name place cards - name cards can help parents and carers to get to know each other and help you as a teacher too.
Music – if your session is an hour long, you’ll need music that plays for more than one hour. We like this Ami Tomake CD
Mantras - crib cards printed up with your favourite mantras. 'My baby is my mirror' is currently our favourite.
Water, jug and glasses/cups/biscuits - sustenance is important whatever the event!
Nappy bags - if parents decide their baby is going nappy free, have these on hand to keep mess at a minimum
Blankets - some participants might appreciate an extra layer or they can be used to make mats more comfy
Relaxation distractions e.g. bubble machine, light show - we use these in the relaxation time at the end as they're lovely for both babies and parents to look at.
Props i.e. scarves, space blanket - these can be great to bring into the moves and postures as well as providing sensory input for the babies. You can buy a kit including scarves and shaky percussion eggs here.
A clock - time flies when you are having fun! A clock will help you, as an instructor, to keep an eye on this.

Thinking of learning to teach baby yoga? We’ve courses taking place at various locations including London, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton, Glasgow and Birmingham. Alternatively, you can learn from the comfort of your own home with our distance learning option, ideal for those who wish to learn in their own time.

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