Published: Thursday 04 November 2021

When you’re starting out as a baby massage, baby yoga or toddler yoga teacher, the venue for your sessions is likely to be one of your first decisions.

So where might be good for your sessions and what do you need to consider when choosing your venue?

Typically past students of To Baby and Beyond have found the following types of venues suitable for their baby masage, baby yoga or toddler yoga sessions:

  • Church hall
  • Schools
  • Therapy centres
  • Colleges
  • Offices
  • Youth clubs
  • Leisure centres
  • Health centres and GP surgeries
  • Surestart buildings
  • Nurseries
  • Play centres
  • Parents’ homes – this is a cost effective and our most popular way to run courses.

We know from anecdotal evidence that it can be helpful to pick a venue where parents and babies already go. These types of venue are already set up in a suitable way for families, the families themselves are familiar with the venue, and it’s likely the venue do some sort of advertising and promotion even if it’s just within the venue itself.

Is the venue right for you?

There’s a number of factors to consider when choosing your venue, and here are some ideas of things to look at before making your decision:

  • Try to find venues that are flexible and don’t need to be paid upfront, especially when you’re starting out new.
  • Think about your customer base; are there lots of young families nearby?
  • Parking: is it easy and either free or cheap?
  • Similarly, is the venue easy to access by public transport?
  • Does the venue and the room you’ll be using have safe access? Some parents won’t want to climb too many stairs if carrying their child.
  • Is there space for buggies and prams to be left safely and securely?

  • Are there similar classes or activities that parents will be attending? If they’re familiar with the venue it may make them more likely to try your sessions.
  • Find out if there are other baby massage/baby yoga/toddler yoga sessions running at the venue. You may not wish to compete with others but if they’re over-subscribed you might find it easier to get new clients.
  • Will the venue help with advertising?

  • Make sure the room or area you are using is private as parents may not be comfortable being overlooked by others.
  • Check that there are good baby changing facilities.
  • Remember that the venue will need to be a comfortable temperature year round so is appropriate heating and ventilation available?
  • Think about any noise that might be present. What else will be taking place when your session is on? Is it near a busy road?
  • Is there enough space for however many mats, parents, babies and bags you’re expecting?!
  • Is the venue clean? Remember that you’ll be demonstrating and practicing on the floor.
  • Is there somewhere families can wait if they’re early?

These are just a few ideas for you to consider when choosing your venue. Don’t be overwhelmed, and remember that you can always change venue if it doesn’t work out for you.

If you’re a present or past student of To Baby and Beyond, have you joined our private Facebook group? It’s a fantastically helpful and supportive place to ask questions and seek advice from those who have either been through, or are going through, the same experiences as you!

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