Published: Friday 10 May 2019

All homes contain items that pose a potential poisoning risk, whether it be medicines, cleaning products or cosmetics. More than 28,000 children undergo medical treatment for poisoning (actual or suspected) in the UK every year. To be prepared in such a situation or - most importantly - to know how to prevent it, join us for a comprehensive First Aid course for Parents, either on an open course or at home with a group of friends.

In its first few months, baby is unlikely to be able to move to access certain poisoning risks, but it’s never too soon to put some prevention measures in place. Once babies and children are on the move they’re naturally inquisitive and have a habit of seeking out things they shouldn’t have!

Here is a quick checklist from ROSPA to help minimise poisoning risks in your home:

  • Medicines, chemicals and other non-consumable liquids should ideally be kept out of reach of children and in a locked cupboard or container.
  • Many products are available in child-resistant containers, so buy these whenever possible.
  • Keep chemicals in their original packaging; don’t transfer them to new bottles or jars. The original packaging will have all the relevant information about ingredients, risks and other essential information.
  • If you’ve got out of date medication or it’s simply no longer required, be sure to get rid of it immediately and safely.
  • Check your garden (and possibly indoor pot plants) for any potential poisonous plants, and establish whether a plant is poisonous before you buy it.
  • In some cases, poisoning agents can cause breathing difficulties. In this case, you should get medical attention immediately.

For further information on poisoning risks and ways to prevent accidents around the home, take a look at the ROSPA website.

If you're a parent or carer, and want to prevent accidents happening in your family, and know how to deal with them if they do happen, join us on our dedicated first aid for parent courses. Alternatively, if you're a childcare professional, we offer Paediatric First Aid courses. We hope to see you on a course soon!

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