Published: Monday 30 May 2022

Whether you're a parent going along to your first baby yoga class, or a teacher embarking on a new career, there are a number of situations that may arise where you may not be sure of the answer. Here's a quick run down of a few 'what if' questions and their all-important answers:

What if... baby has just had a feed?

You can still do baby yoga - just be gentle on the moves. Avoid fast moves or knee to chest moves. If you're an instructor, it's a good idea to say to parents that the stomach may still be digesting the feed up to 40 mins after. So be gentle on the tummy otherwise mum or dad may see the feed again!

What if... baby cries?

If you're the parent of carer, stop what you're doing and give the baby a cuddle and you may be able to continue the yoga when the baby has settled, been changed or fed or in a different position. If you're the teacher leading the class, encourage parents to stop for the cuddle, or perhaps try some of the divine drops or going back to a move that baby seemed to like.

What if... baby has just had immunisations?

Baby may not feel like ready to do yoga so perhaps avoid for 24 hours. If you're an instructor, encourage parents to attend the class and watch and then practice at home. Immunisation can leave small lumps in the legs for up to 12 weeks after the injection so advise parents to be careful massaging this area in warm up.

What if... baby doesn’t like being on their tummy?

Try the position for a few seconds and then try putting baby over your knee or propping baby up – in time baby's tolerance or enjoyment in this position will improve.

What if... I’m (parent) feeling any discomfort?

Stop the exercise you are doing and take a break. Please do not do anything you are physically uncomfortable with. Seek medical help before embarking on any gentle exercise if concerned. As a teacher, you should ensure all participants - whether babies or adults - are comfortable and happy throughout your classes.

If you're thinking about training to teach baby yoga, why not take advantage of our distance learning option? We also offer toddler yoga instructor courses as a distance learning option.

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