Published: Sunday 02 February 2020

We hope you've been enjoying our baby sleep tips. Here's the next in the series and it's all about CONSISTENCY!

Create a consistent bedtime ritual/ routine.

Whether this is a massage, bath, feed, bed or feed, story, bed or whatever calming evening routine suits your family.

Keep it calm and consistent and ideally ending in the room the baby will sleep in.

We often recommend to families to keep the bedtime routine to less than 45 mins from starting it to going in to the cot or crib. Any longer than this and your baby may not realise it's all part of the same routine.

Minimise the number of rooms you use for this and avoid bringing your baby or child back to the lounge, for example, to feed or change.

Even though very young babies may not know it's bedtime yet, it’s never too early to start a bedtime routine....

Good luck!

If you'd like some help with any sleep issues you're having at home, do get in touch for a free consultation. We can discuss what you hope to achieve and how we can help you. Call now on 01273 702496. Details of our sleep support packages are available here.

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