Published: Sunday 30 August 2020

Managing your expectations about baby's sleep patterns will make life easier for you and your family. Find out what is ‘normal’ for your baby at their age. This changes almost monthly in the first year and remember all babies are different. Our guide below will give you some idea as to how long your bubba should be sleeping for:

Newborn – daytime sleep is normal, and duration of sleep is around 16-18 hours in short bursts, usually non-structured.
1 month – sleep needs decrease to about 14-17 hours a day and, once again, can be in short non-structured burst, although some patterns may be emerging.
3 months – your baby may now be awake for longer periods and may sleep for longer periods over-night. You may notice clearer patterns and can begin to structure feeds and sleep times. This is a good time to really introduce a bedtime routine if you haven’t already. On average babies sleep 14-16 hours a day.
6 months – around 14 hours a day sleep. This is a great age to start setting structured sleep patterns. As you come up to the start of the weaning period you can begin to support your baby to sleep for longer periods at night. Naps may start to get longer and more structured.
9 months – around 13-14 hours sleep needed each day. You can support your baby to sleep through the night at this stage. Night feeds may no longer be required. Weaning may have increased to three meals and around three milk feeds a day. Naps can usually be structured to two naps a day.
12 months – sleep needs remain the same as before, at around 13-14 hours. You may now be reducing milk feeds to two per day and your baby may be able to sleep through the night.

We actually don’t expect babies to sleep through the night until 6 months old, if not later – some do but many don’t and still need regular night time feeds. Baby ages and stages do not last forever so don’t wish them away!

If you find you and baby need help with sleep, talk to us. We offer a range of sleep support packages that suit all needs and we’ll help you reclaim your night times! Take a look at what we offer and get in touch.

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